Class Champions’ are DHS Old Boys from 1960 (includes 1956 to 1960) to 2010 who have agreed to identify Sub-Champions and thereafter, initiate a consolidated drive to motivate each Old Boy from their particular year, to contribute towards a scholarship for a talented youngster, to attend DHS from Grade 8. With a Day Scholar being +/- R55 000 per annum and a Boarder +/- R115 000 per annum in 2019, a collective drive should be an attainable target, bearing in mind that this would be repeated for 5 years. What is critical, is the drive and motivation of our ‘Champions’ and ‘Sub-Champions’, who are key to the success of this initiative.

By looking at this Class Champion List you will be able to contact one another for ideas and support.  Certain years have already ‘taken-off’ with 1961, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1981, 1985 and 1999 leading the way!

It may be added that many of your year may well live overseas and this should with the exchange rates, be an advantage and not a negative factor!If you would like to know more please email me on

The DHS Foundation wishes to thank you for your commitment to the cause and we look forward to having you visit us and enjoying a chat over a coffee soon.

Andrew Shedlock


Class Champions 2019

Class champ of 1981 – Andrew Shedlock and Neil Lamble of 1973 are seen here with the two boys that their years are collectively sponsoring. Jayson Butler in Grade 8 and Vuyo Zukulu in Grade 9.