Our Purpose

Durban High School is the oldest school in Durban with an illustrious history that has produced leaders in all areas of endeavor from academics to sport and politics. Today, our boys continue to bring esteem to the school and we intend on maintaining our rank as one of the top boys’ high schools in the country.

The challenges facing government schools in South Africa are myriad and well-documented. It has become imperative that, in order to remain one of the leading boys’ high schools in Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban High School begins to reach out to the larger school community for support in these demanding times. Although some funding does still make its way to the school by way of the government, the school’s financial needs are met primarily through the school fees collected from parents and much of this revenue goes to expanding the teaching staff, ensuring that class numbers are kept at manageable sizes, and the day-to-day running of an institution of this calibre, leaving little room for investment in additional facilities for our boys.

The DHS Foundation aims to provide additional financial support for capital development of the school in order to ensure that fees do not become prohibitively expensive and, secondly, to provide scholarships, be they full or part, for students who are unable to meet the financial demands of an education at DHS but who have exceptional merit in academics, sport or cultural pursuits and would be an asset to the school.

The DHS Foundation has been established to facilitate the raising of funds through partnership with the school community of Old Boys, parents, staff and learners providing them with opportunities to pledge support, whether it be financial or in the form of sharing expertise, in order to ensure that the strategic objectives of Durban High School are met now and in the future.

Summers day overlooking the pool and field at DHS