DHS U14A RUGBY TEAM – 1991 & 2022.
I shared a few achievements of our rugby teams from the 2022 season on our social media platforms. In the story it was mentioned that the DHS U14A side of 2022 were the only team in KwaZulu-Natal to not lose a game locally! The last time a DHS U14A achieved this was in the year of 1991 – 31 years ago!
In response to the story, DHS Old Boy, Ashleigh Hall (1994), and a member of the u14A team of 1991 shared their team photo of their unbeaten u14A team, the last u14A team to go unbeaten, locally – 31 years ago.
On the back of this story, it was arranged for the u14A team of 1991 to get together with the u14A team 2022 at DHS at the end of August.
It was an amazing occasion for these two teams who achieved this remarkable feat over 30 years apart to get to meet one another. The boys had the opportunity to interact with the Old Boys and ask them questions about their time at DHS. Likewise, the Old Boys had the opportunity to ask the boys more about themselves, where they are from, their goals at High School and beyond.