A Helping Hand
Impact DHS

IMPACT DHS is a United States company established as an arm of the DHS Foundation, and which is administered by Stuart Clark, Brian Christie, Malcom Hilcove and Jonathan Zulman, Old Boys, living in the USA.

The purpose of Impact DHS is to provide support to DHS, through the DHS Foundation, with contributions from Old Boys resident in the USA.

Impact DHS now makes it possible for United States residents to make tax-deductible contributions through Impact DHS, a U.S. 501(c)(3)(1) entity established through The DHS Foundation.  Because of the exchange rate, Old Boys in the USA are able to make a meaningful contribution to DHS that far exceeds the purchasing power of a dollar in the USA.

This means that a US taxpayer is in the 35% tax bracket who makes a $1,000 contribution, gets to deduct the $1,000 from his taxable income effectively costing him $650. However, the $1,000 exchanged into Rands is approximately R18,000, which is the cost of a full term of education with extra expenses for a “day boy”. That means that a $650 real cost is “converted” into R18,000 – a 27 times “step-up”! A powerful impact……

Contributions to the Foundation through Impact DHS can be made by cheque to Impact DHS and sent to its registered office at 550 Laguna Drive, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92088. Wire transfers from locations in the USA can be made to the bank account of Impact DHS as follows:

Beneficiary Bank Name and Address:
C3bank, N.A.
850 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Beneficiary Bank Routing/ABA Number: 122240751
Beneficiary Account No.: 006505309