In July, I shared the story about DHS Old Boy Karol Steiner who informed me that his grandfather had attended Kirkham Grammar and he had in his procession an engraved silver mug dated 1899 that was given to his grandfather won in a school race.
When Kirkham Grammar played DHS during their recent tour of South Africa, Karol thought it best that the mug resides back at Kirkham Grammar and he presented the mug to Mr. Paul Ribchester, a parent, Old Boy, and a Governor of Kirkham Grammar. Karol gave Paul strict instructions to deliver the mug safely back to the School.
On the 20th of September I received an email and pictures from the Archivist of Kirkham Grammar, Mrs. C Halsall, informing me that they were thrilled to have an historic item that once belonged to KGS retuned back to their archives. It is a source of great interest from all who view it, especially given the wonderful story behind its return. It certainly has been well travelled!
The cup is now proudly on display at Kirkham Grammar’s Senior School Reception area.
Mrs. Halsell did some research and was able to find an entry in the 1877 School Register for H Parkinson, son of John Parkinson, a coal miner.
What a wonderful piece of School history!