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UK Fund for Charities

The dual aims of the UK Fund for Charities’ International Programme are to assist charitable organisations outside the United Kingdom that have UK supporters and want to maximise their income from those supporters AND to make donating to non-UK charities as simple as possible for UK donors.

Incorporated as a Registered Charity in 2003 – The UK Fund for Charities seeks to be a world leader in supporting charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to bringing positive social change to people around the world.

You can make a donation to the UK Fund for Charities and recommend one of its International Programme members to receive a grant. Or, you can tell us about a nonprofit organisation you would like to support and the UKFC will verify that they are a suitable organisation to receive grants.
Registered Charity number 1097462, Company registered in England and Wales 04727786

The UK Fund itself does not undertake fundraising programmes, nor accept unsolicited grant applications.

The Board of Trustees of the UKFC has the responsibility under UK law to consider carefully and make a qualified decision about each grant it approves. A donor may recommend which UKFC affiliate their wishes to support, the UKFC Board will then consider and make it’s grant-making decisions based on these recommendations.

Currently the Board plan to meet four times annually to award grants but the trustees cannot guarantee that they will meet or make grants on any particular date or upon request. They may increase administrative charges or change any administrative arrangement at any time.

Acceptance Letter of DHS Foundation to the UK Fund for Charities